IOCC: Donate for Kosovo, Double Your Impact

November 20, 2021

From International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC):

In Kosovo and Metohija, IOCC focuses on developing agricultural and educational resources, helping people invest in improving quality of life here. Right now, double your impact with a generous matching challenge from IOCC's Chairman of the Board, Jasmina T. Boulanger—up to $50,000.

In Kosovo, IOCC works to provide the foundations for stronger communities, building schools and agricultural facilities that make life better for those in need.

Thanks to a generous donation from IOCC's Chairman of the Board, Jasmina T. Boulanger, your gift today will be wholly matched, up to $50,000, doubling your impact. Whether it's repairing or equipping a school, expanding the Church's agricultural facilities, or helping farmers increase their productivity, together, we are serving people in the spirit of Christ’s love.


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