Records Archives

Brothers and Sisters,

We are extremely excited to offer to all our faithful the original parish records of the births/baptisms, weddings, deaths and burials of Sts. Constantine and Helen Serbian Orthodox Church. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Christine Kovacevich who painstakingly scanned each entry one by one with the greatest of care and in the highest resolution possible for all of us to enjoy and cherish. The entries begin with the first records dating back to 1895 and go up to 1924, for now. We are still in the process of scanning the rest of the entries. To best view these records I would “save as” and then name either church records with the years to my desktop, hard drive. Under the View options scroll down where it says Page Display and select Show Cover Page During Two-Up. We also have the ability to zoom in up to 6,400% for those who might need a little extra help in viewing them up close.This will also allow us to print off the pertinent information that we need in the gathering on information for family trees. I should like to give everybody a heads up: the records vary in size in Adobe Acrobat Format and some are very large files. This means they may take a few minutes to open.